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PMG is owned by Pat McGinn.  He has extensive experience in the provision of strategic planning, implementation and evaluation support to public interest, voluntary and community organisations. 

Brief CV of Pat McGinn

Pat McGinn has been working with community and voluntary sector organisations in Northern Ireland and abroad for many years, providing planning, implementation and evaluation consultancy. He was the founding Regional Manager of Community Evaluation Northern Ireland (formerly Charities Evaluation Services, Northern Ireland). He has a BA in Government from the University of Essex, an MA in Political Behaviour from the University of Essex and an MSc in Applied Behavioural Research from University of Ulster.

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Pat McGinn - Brief Curriculum Vitae

Areas of expertise

Summary of Experience

Following graduation, I worked on social policy academic research projects until 1984 when I took up a position in the Institutional Research Unit of the University of Ulster, reporting to the Vice Chancellor.  In the following year I moved to a post as Researcher/ Educator in the Belfast Centre for the Unemployed. In 1988 I set up Community Training & Research Services Ltd as a community-based business to meet the information needs of voluntary organisations.

In 1991, I started the Northern Ireland Regional Centre of Charities Evaluation Services (CES in Northern Ireland became Community Evaluation Northern Ireland in 1995). I successfully positioned CES as the primary provider of evaluation advice, training and consultancy to the region's voluntary and community sector.

I moved to El Salvador in 1995, where I provided management support for INSAFOCOOP, the Salvadoran Co-operative Development Agency. In 1996, I expanded my range of Salvadoran clients to include the National University, the Ombudsman for the Defence of Human Rights and a range of voluntary organisations working in the areas of women’s issues, health and human rights.

On returning from Central America, I established PMG.


Full version of CV available for download here


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